Amigurumi Doll

Amigurumi Yeast Doll Making Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.


• 2 mm – 2.20 mm tığ

• Gazzal baby cotton skin color 3412

• Gazzal baby coton pink 3411

• Gazzal baby coton lilac 3420

• Gazzal baby cotton white 3410

• Gazzal baby coton purple 3440

• Alize buckle 6020 (bag)

• Some black, brown, burgundy thread (eyes and mouth)

• 3 purple buttons for the dress (one for the back of the skirt)

• 2 pink buttons for shoes • 3 electrical wires 40-50 cm


• Sh : magic ring

• X sc

• V: increment

• A: reduction

• Zn: chain

• Dc: double rail

• Dcv: double rail boost

• Cc loop shift

• Blo: knit from the back of the loop

• Flo: knit from the front of the loop


We start with skin color.

1) Thumb: sh 5X. It knits 3 rows.

2) Little finger: sh 5X = knit 3 rows of yarn.

3) Middle finger: sh 5X = knit 4 rows and grabs the rope.

4) Ring finger: sh 5X . 4 you knit the rope will break.

5) index finger: sh SX = knit 4 rows and continue without breaking the rope.

6) 2X index fingers, 2X ring finger, 2X middle finger, 5X little finger. We go to the opposite side, take 3X from the ring finger, 3X from the middle finger, 3X from the index finger, determine a place and attach the rope here.

7-8) 20X: 2 rows

9) Join 2X with empty finger, 18X (18)

10) 3x fingers, 17x hands (21)

11) A, 1X, A, 5X, A, 9X : (18)

12) (4X, A) 3kez (15)


14) 8X more e.g. We’re attaching the locator here.

•We fill the hand with fiber. The arm will be empty and we will fill the last string to the team.

We’re going pink.


16) Blo 15X

17-41)15X : 25 son

42) Knit and bltir 8X more.

• 15. turadaki flo ya,

1)2zn, 15 dcv, cc

2) 1zn, 30X , cc

3) (1zn,1 cc)15 kez, cc

MAYA BABY RIGHT HAND – ARM We start with skin color.

1) Thumb: sh 5X = knit 3 rows of yarn.

2) Little finger: sh 5X = knit 3 rows of yarn.

3) Middle finger: M 5%= Knit 4 rows and grabs the rope.

4) Ring finger: sh 5X = knit 4 rows of yarn.

5) index finger: sh 5X = knit 4 rows and continue without breaking the rope.

6) 3X from the index finger, 3X from the ring fingers, 3X from the middle fingers, 5X from the pinky. We cross over to the opposite side 2X ring fingers, 2X middle finger, 2X index finger.

7) 20x

8) Knit 18x ​​more, join the remaining 2x with the thumb,


10) 3x fingers, 17x hands (21)

11) A,1x, A, 9x, A, 5X (18)

12) (9x, A)3kez (15)


14) 11x more e.g.

Insert your locator here

• We fill the hand with fiber. The arm will be empty, we will fill it when we insert the last wire.

We’re going pink.


16) Blo 15X

17-41) 15x 25 rows

42) Knit 8x more and

• To the 15th row;

1)2zn, 15 dcv, cc

2)1zn, 30X, cc

3) (1zn,1 cc)15 kez, cc


Million with pink..

1) Pull 8ch, next chain V, 5X, last hole 42.5x, v (18)

2) 2V, 5X, 4V, 5X, 2V, (26)

3) (1X, 1V)*2, 5X, (1X, 1V)*4, 5X, (1X, 1V)*2  (34)

4) (2X, 1V)*2, 5X, (2X,1V)*4, 5X, (2X,1V)*2 (42)

5)(3X, 1V)*2, 5X, (3X,1V)*4, 5X, (3X, 1V)*2 (50)

We’re going lilac.

6) blo 50x

7-11 50x : 5 rows

• To the 6th row’s flush (1ch, 1cc) to the end of the row.

12)13X, 12A,13X (38)

13) For left foot; 13X, 6A, 3X, 25ch pull and sink in the same place (lacing), 10x : (32)

we knit the left leg first.

13) for the right foot; 10x, 25ch, fasten in the same place (lacing), 3X, 6A,13X, (32)

14) Break the 32x knit thread from Flo.

We switch to white.

15) Attach the white thread to the 14th row blo from the back middle, 32X

16) 3X, A, 7X, 4A, 7X, A, 3X: (26)

17)11X, 2A,11X (24)

18-22) 24X 6 rows

23) 1zn, flo and 24dc, cc ipi kopar.

Let’s move on to skin color.

24) Attach tan thread to the blo of the 23rd row from the back middle, 24X

25-40) 24X :16 rows

41) (2X,A)*6 (18)

42)10X, 3dcv, 5X (21)

43) 5cc, 16X (21)

44) 10X. 3A. 5X: (18)

45) (1X,1V)*9 (27)

46) 27X :16 rows


We pass to the white rope.

1) We pull 3ch and center the left leg and join it.

2) 27X left leg to 3X chain, 27X right leg to 3X chain (60)

3) (2X, V)*3 39X, (1V, 2X)*3, 3X (66)

4-13) 66X :10 rows

14) (2X, A)*3, 39X, (1A, 2X)*3, 3X (60)

15) (8X, A)*6 (54)

16) 54X

We’re going pink.

17-32) 54%: 16 rows

We attach the sleeves.

33)15X, 3X with arm, 24X, 3X with arm, 9X

34)15X, 12X from arm, 24X,12X from arm, 9X : (72)

35)14X, A, 10X, A, 22X, A,10X, A, 8X : (68)

36)14X, A, 8X,A, 22X, A, 8X,A, 13X (64)

37)13X, A, 8X, A, 20X, A, 8X, A, 7X (60)

38)13X, A, 6X, A, 20X, A, 6X, A, 7X (56)

39)12X, A, 6X, 4,18X, A, 6X, A, 6X (52)

40) 12X, A, 4X, 4,18X, A, 4X, A, 6X : (48)

41) (6X, A)*6 : (42)

42) (5X, A) * 6 (36)

43) (4X, A)*6 (30)

44) (3X, A)*6 : (24)

45) (2X,A)*6 : (18)

46-49)18X 4 rows

50) Return 1ch from flo to 18dc, cc . Bring the knit down for the neck of the sweater.

51) put your skin color on the blo 18X and it’s done…


1)Sh 6X : (6)

2) 6V: (12)

3)(1X, 1V) : (18)

4)(2X, 1V) : (24)

5)(3X, 1V) : (30)

6)(4X, 1V) : (36)

7) (5X, 1V): (42)

8) (6X, 1V): (48)

9)(7X, 1V) : (54)

10)(8X, 1V) : (60)

11) (9X, 1V): (66)

12)(10X, 1V) : (72)

13)(11X, 1V) : (78)

14-31) 78X: 18 rows

32)(11X, 1A) : (72)

33)(10X, 1A) : (66)

34)(9X, 1A) : (60)

35)(8X, 1A) : (54)

36)(7X, 1A) : (48)

37)(6X, 1A) : (42)

38)(5X, 1A) : (36)

39)(4X, 1A) : (30)  

40)(3X, 1A) : (24)

41)(2X, 1A) : (18)


We knit with lilac.


1) 67ch Czech. Jump 7X (for button) sink to 8. 60dc, spin 1ch

2) 60X, 2ch spin

3) 60dc, connect both ends with cc, turn 1ch

4) Return 60X, cc, 2ch

5) 60dc, cc, 1ch spin

6) (9X, 1V) * 6: (66) cc, return 2zn

7) 66dc, cc, turn 1ch

8) Turn 66X, cc, 2ch

9) 66dc, cc, turn 1ch

10) Turn 66X, cc, 2ch

11) 66dc, cc, turn 1ch

12) 66X, cc, 2ch turn

13) 66dc, cc, turn 1ch

14) 66X, cc, 2ch turn

15) 66dc, cc, turn 1ch

16) 66X, cc, 2ch turn

17) 66dcv : (132) cc

18) At this time, we do not turn around, we make 1ch, 1cc in row length. Her skirt is finished…

For the front of the dress, put the 20X count rope from the back right there, we knit it from the inside first;

1) 21X, 2ch spin

2) 10dc, 1dc from flo, 1ch turn (11)

3) 11X, 2zn dec

4) 1X skip 8dc, 1X island 1dc, 1ch turn : (9)

5) 1X jump 6X, 1X jump 1X, return 2zn (7)

5) Skip 1x 4dc, skip 1x 1dc, turn 2ch (5)

7) 1X atla 2X, 1X atla 1X, 1zn dön (3)

8) 1X atla 1X (1)

9) Join the 35ch drawstring diagonally to the back of the dress.

10) Attach the string to the 2nd row blo, 2ch 11 dc, 1ch turn

11) 11X. 2zn decides

12) Jump 1X in hand, jump 1X 1dc, turn 1ch: (9)

13) 1X jump 6X, 1X jump 1X, return 2zn (7)

14) Skip 1X 4dc, Skip 1X 1dc, Turn 1ch (6)

15)1X atla 2X, 1X ata 1X, 1zn dön : (3)

16) 1X atla 1X: (1)

17) Cross the back of the dress with the 35ch tack rope.

Ribbons on the sleeve

We make the magic ring, pull 2ch into the magic ring:

3dc, 2ch, cc, 2ch, 3dc, 2ch cc and close the magic ring, leave the rope long and wrap it around. You can stick it on the chain on the arm with silicone.


We knit with purple.

1) 9 ch ,Start from the side chain 7X, V, opposite 7X : (16)

2) 16X 4 rows

3) 1X, 1ch spin

4) Skip 1X 5X, skip 1X 1X, turn 1ch (6)

6) Skip 1X 3X, skip 1X 1X, turn 1ch (4)

6) 1X atla 1X (2)

•For the belt of the bag, pass 80 zn checks through the bag, attach it to the baby and tie it at the back.


We knit with lilac.

Pull 80ch, make dcv until the end of the row, grab the rope and turn it around and make a flower shape and sew it. We put it on the wire buckle under the last buckle and put it on the head like that.

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All Finished.

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