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Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you.

3.5mm hook
yarn (grey, blue, orange, white)
8-10mm safety eyes
needle scissors
needle, twine (black, pink, orange, green)

(sc)/(sc): Single crochet
(BO) Hazelnut stitch
(ml)/(ch): Chainette, Air stitch
(MR): Magic ring
(dim)/(dec): decrease, decreasing, decrease
(augm) /(inc): increase
(M)/(st): Stitch (pt) stitch
(FLO): work only in front loops
(BLO): work only in back loops
(d-dc,dble.b)/( tr): Double treble crochet
(br)/(dc): Double treble crochet
(dB)/(hdc): Half treble crochet
(sc)/(sl-st): Slip stitch, small stitch
(db / dbr) (dtr): Double treble crochet
(mct)/(tch): chain stitches to turn
(3msm)/(sc3tog): 3 sc in the same stitch
(Fo): Stop the thread.
(3 dc tog): 3 treble crochets together

in gray thread:
R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: 6inc (12)
R3: (sc, inc)x6 (18)
R4: (2sc, inc)x6 (24)
R5: (3sc, inc)x6 ( 30)
R6-10: 30sc (30)
R11: (4sc, inc)x6 (36)
R12-R13: 36sc (36)
R14: (2sc, dec)x9 (27)
R15: (sc, dec)x9 (18 )
Place the safety eyes between R11-R12, 7 dots between them.

with a pink needle and string, add the nose between the two eyes in R12 with a black needle and string, trace the bottom of the nose and create a mouth with yarn and a darning needle add a white detail at the corner of each eye.
R16: 9 sun (9)
add the filling in the head.
R17: 4dim, sc (5), fo.

Oreilles (en faire 2)
en fil gris:
R1: 4ms en MR (4)
R2: 4augm (8)
R3: (3ms, augm)x2 (10)
R4: (4ms, augm)x2 (12)
R5: (5ms , augm)x2 (14)
R6: (6ms, augm)x2 (16)
R7: (7ms, augm)x2 (18)
R8: (8ms, augm)x2 (20)
R9-R12: 20ms (20)
R13: (8ms, dim)x2 (18)
R14: (7ms, dim)x2 (16)
R16: (6ms, dim)x2 (14)
R17: 14sc (14)
R16: (5ms, dim)x2 (12)
R16: (4ms, dim)x2 (10)
R17-R18: 10ms
R18: (3ms, dim)x2 (8)
R19: 4dec (4), fo et couper la longue fil queue.

Body (part 1)
legs (make 2)
in gray yarn:
R1: 4sc in MR (4)
R2: (sc, inc)x2 (6)
R3: (2sc, inc)x2 (8)
R4: 8sc (8 )
R5: (2sc, dim)x2 (6),
(Fo 1 leg, not 2nd)

in gray yarn:
R6: ch3 (join), to connect the legs: 6sc (leg attached), 3sc (join), 6sc (leg unattached) (18)
R7: 3inc (join), 6sc (1st leg), 3inc (join), 6sc (2. leg) (24)
R8-R9: 24sc (24)
R10: (4sc, dec)x4 (20)

Body (part 2)
in gray thread:
R11-R12: 20sc (20)
R13: (3sc, dim)x4 (16)
R14: 16sc (16)
R15: (6sc, dim)x2 (14)
R16: (5sc, dim)x2 (12), fo
add the trim in the body

Arms (make 2)
in gray yarn:
R1: 5sc in MR (5)
R2-R6: 5sc (5)
R7: 5sc (5), fo -add trim to arms.

Across (part 1)
in blue yarn:
R1: ch 14
R2: join first and last chain with sc, 13 sc around (14)
R3-R4: 14 sc
R5: 14 sc, (Fo 1st part of leg, not the 2nd).

Blue colored body
: R6: ch 1 (joint), sc 14 in attached leg part, 1 sc in leg joint, 14 sc in unattached leg. (30)
R7-R8: 30ms (30)
R9: (13ms, dim)x2 (28), fo and make an invisible join

start R10 in st #13:
R10: 6 sc, 1 ch, crochet in opp. direction
R11: 6 sc, 1 ch, crochet in opp. direction
R12: 6 sc, 1 ch, crochet in opp. direction
R13: 6 sc, 1 ch, crochet in opp. direction fo

Overall (part 2)
With the orange and green string, use the needle to embroider the carrot in the center of the jumpsuit. Put the body in the set
start R14 in mn°1 (back of the pants):
• 3 sc, 15 ch, skip 1 and 14 sl st in the chain to make it thicker.
• 9 sc, 4 sl st (top of the set), 15 ch, skip 1 and 14 sl st in chain to make it thicker.
• 7 sl sts (top of the set) and sl st in the cross strap to secure it.
• 3 sl st (top of the set), 8 sc, 1 ch and sl st in the cross strap to secure it.

Flowery knots (make 2)R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: 6dc (6), fo and make an invisible join

Fold the ears towards the middle and position them with pins. Sew the R17-R19 ears into Head’s R7-R9, 4 stitches from the eyes.
Fold the ends of the arms in half and sew the last round in the R11 of the body.
Sew the center of the head to the center of the body.
Tie floral bows on the top of each ear: you can sew them or tie them.

Optional: add blush with pink eyeshadow.

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All Finished.

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