Amigurumi Cat

Cat Pink Amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

Colors of stamens; pink, sky blue, black, white
8mm safety eyes
hook 2.5mm
Scissors, yarn needle

(sc)/(sc): Single crochet
(BO) Hazelnut stitch
(ml)/(ch): Chainette, Air stitch
(MR): Magic ring
(dim)/(dec): decrease, decreasing, decrease
(augm) /(inc): increase
(M)/(st): Stitch (pt) stitch
(FLO): work only in front loops
(BLO): work only in back loops
(d-dc,dble.b)/( tr): Double treble crochet
(br)/(dc): Double treble crochet
(dB)/(hdc): Half treble crochet
(sc)/(sl-st): Slip stitch, small stitch
(db / dbr) (dtr): Double treble crochet
(mct)/(tch): chain stitches to turn
(3msm)/(sc3tog): 3 sc in the same stitch
(Fo): Stop the thread.
(3 dc tog): 3 treble crochets together

Body and Legs (x2)
In pink color
Rnd 1. MR 6sc
Rnd 2. 6 inc (12sc)
Rnd 3-11. 12 sc
We cut the thread only in the first leg, in the second we weave 3 chains to join.
Rnd 12. 12ms, 3ms, 12ms, 3ms (30ms)
Rnd 13-17. 30ms
Rnd 18. (3ms, Sun) x 6 (24ms)
Rnd 19-21. 24sc
Rnd 22. (2sc, dim) x 6 (18sc)
Rnd 23. 18sc
Rnd 24. (sc, dim) x 6 (12sc)
Rnd 25. 12sc
We fill and continue weaving

In pink color
Rnd 26. 12 inc thru FLO (24ms)
Rnd 27. (inc, 3ms) x 6 (30ms)
Rnd 28. (inc, 4ms) x 6 (36ms)
Rnd 29. (inc, 5ms) x 6 (42ms)
Round 30-36. 42sc
Eyes on rnd 32 and rnd 33
We embroider the details of the face
Rnd 37. (dim, 5sc) x 6 (36sc)
Rnd 38. (dim, 4sc) x 6 (30sc)
Rnd 39. (dim, 3sc) x 6 (24sc)
Rnd 40. (dim, 2sc) x 6 (18sc)
Rnd 41. (dim, sc) x 6 (12sc)
We finish filling in
Rnd 42. 6 dim and close

Arms (x2)
In pink color
Rnd 1. MR 6sc
Rnd 2. (inc, 2sc) (8sc)
Rnd 3-13. 8ms
We cut leaving thread to sew

Ears (x2)
In pink color
Rnd 1. MR 6 sc
Rnd 2. (inc, sc) x 3 (9 sc)
Rnd 3-4. 9sc
Rnd 5. (inc, 2sc) x 3 (12sc)
Cut leaving thread for sewing

In gray color
Rnd 1. We knit 26 ch and reg for the third with 24 hdc, we go up with 2 ch
Rnd 2. 3 hdc, 5 ch and skip 5 stitches, 8 hdc, 5 ch and skip 5 stitches, 3 hdc
Rnd 3. 24 dB
We knit around in sc, to give it neatness, only the neckline part is knit in sl st.

We sew the arms and ears
We put on your vest

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All Finished.

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