Amigurumi Bear

Toy Teddy Bear Amigurumi Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

For a bear:
• color A – baby himalayan dolphin plush yarn (No80337 color brown) 1 skein (120m (131yd)-100g)
• plastic eyes (2 pcs)
• sewing threads for parts to sew
• black threads to embroider the muzzle
• fiber stuffing to fill the toys (100 g)

• 4mm crochet hook
• 3.5mm knitting needle
• large medle to sew the toy parts together
• knitting markers (to mark the start of a round)

(sc)/(sc): Single crochet
(ml)/(ch): Chain, Air stitch
(MR): Magic ring
(dim)/(dec): decrease, decreasing, decrease
(augm)/(inc): increase
(M)/(st): Stitch (pt) stitch
(FLO): work only in front loops
(BLO): work only in back loops
(d-dc,dble.b)/(tr): Double treble crochet
(br)/(dc): treble crochet
(dB)/(hdc): half treble crochet
(sc)/(sl-st): slip stitch, small stitch
(db / dbr) (dtr): double treble crochet
(mct)/( tch): chain stitches to turn
(3msm)/(sc3tog): 3 ms in the same stitch
(Fo): Stop the thread.

R 1: MR (7)
R 2: (augm)*7(14)
R 3: (augm)*14(28)
R 4: (3ms, augm)*7(35)
R 5: (4ms, augm)*7 (42)
R 6: (5ms, augm)*7 (49)
R 7: (6ms, augm)*7 (56)
R 8-13: 56 ms (6 rond)
R 14: (6ms, dim)*7 (49)
R 15: (5ms, dim)*7 (42)
R 16: (4ms, dim)*7 (35)
R 17: (3ms, dim)*7 (28)
R 18: (dim)*14(14)
Continuer à crocheter le corps
R 19: (1ms, augm)*7 (21)
R 20: ms (21)
R 21: (2ms, augm)*7(28)
R 22: ms (28)
R 23: (3ms, augm)*7(35)
R 24: ms (35)
R 25: (4ms, augm)*7(42)
R 26: ms (42)
R 27: (5ms, augm)*7(49)
R 28-32: 49 ms (5 rond)
R 33: dim, 3ms, dim, 2ms, dim, 14ms, dim, 6ms, dim, 14ms (44)
R 34: ms (44)
R 35: dim, 4ms, dim, 14ms, dim, 4ms, dim, 14ms (40)
R 36: ms (40)
R 37: dim, 2ms, dim, 14ms, dim, 2ms, dim, 14ms (36)
R 38: ms (36)
R 39: dim, dim, 14ms, dim, dim, 14ms (32)

The black dots marked in the image of the lines of decreases. Find them on your crochet toy.

Insert safe plastic eyes.
Keep the safety eyes symmetrical to the decrease lines. The eyes are set between 8 and 9 turns from the top point of the head.

The distance between the eyes is 7 ms.

Fill a toy with fiberfill.
Double the front and back part of the toy, crochet in the middle 3 sc !!! Do not cut the thread. Carefully count the stitches from two identical holes for the legs at 14 sc (shown in the pictures below). Crochet legs completely with the body

Legs (2 details)
Rows 1-5: 14 sc
Rows 6: (dec)*7(7)
Fill the leg with fiberfill. Pull yarn through 7 stitches and pull tight. Cut and secure the yarn in the leg. Crochet the second leg as well.

Arms (2 details)
Row 1: MR (6)
Row 2: (inc)*6(12)
Row 3-5: 12 sc (3 round)
Row 6: (dec)*3 times, 6 sc (9)
Row 7 -12: 9 sc (6 round)
Double, crochet 4 sc. Cut and secure the thread.

Ears (2 details)
Row 1: MR (8)
Row 2: (inc)*8 (16)
Row 3: (1sc, inc)*8 (24)
Double and crochet 14 sc. Cut and secure the yarn.

R 1: MR (7)
R 2: (inc)*7 (14)
R 3: (1sc, inc)*7 (21)
R 4: (1sc, dec)*7 (14)
R 5: dec* 7(7)
Cut and fasten thread

Row 1: MR(6)
Row 2: (inc)*6(12)
Row 3: (1sc, inc)*6(18)
Row 4: 18
sc Cut and fasten yarn

Sew the parts of the bear
Ears sewn on top of the head at a distance of 5 cm from each other

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All Finished.

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